Magickal beings, myths and legends come to light at this year’s Longleat Festival of Light

Magickal beings, myths and legends are the subject of this year’s festive lantern spectacle in Wiltshire, Longleat Festival of Light 2019.

The annual festive lantern and light show, which takes place on selected dates until 5 January 2020, draws inspiration from epic stories from around the world – from the gods and magical beings of ancient Greece to heroic tales of British folklore.

This year’s Myths & Legends theme encompasses a Garden of Mythical Creatures where visitors can expect to cross paths with a yeti, Thor battling a serpent, and the colossal Kraken of the lake, engulfing an unfortunate ship which has crossed its path.

Then there’s the whimsical and ornate fairy wood, where visitors can take a stroll through the mischievous creatures’ playground, where they dance and play surrounded by psychedelic flowers and toadstools. And for a truly special experience is the kaleidoscopic unicorn skyline – a magickal display where shining unicorns frolic amongst glistening clouds, alongside a rainbow road.

In continuation with this year’s Myths & Legends theme, Longleat House itself is home to an exhibition about King Arthur and the story of Merlin “magicking immense stones from Ireland to create Wiltshire’s iconic Stonehenge”.

This year’s Longleat Festival of Light is sure to bring joy to kids and adults alike, especially those who have immersed themselves in the tales of myths and legends.

Longleat Festival of Light

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