Komrads APL create sneakers made from apple waste and recycled materials

A new wave of sustainable sneakers using a material of a fruity kind – namely apple cores and peels – has just been released by Belgian brand Komrads.

Known as the Komrads APL, the eco-friendly sneakers are made entirely from fruit waste and recycled materials. The upper is made of Apple Eco Leather, made from at least 50% apple fibre – mostly apple peel and core.

Apple leather is made by processing apple waste including peel and core, which is then mixed with water, apple flour and a natural glue creating an alternative to animal leather.

The sole is made of 100% recycled rubber from car tyres, which are then painted using eco paint, while the laces are made of recycled plastic bottles. The white trainers are available with detailing in four colours including black, red, green, and black.

The Brussels-based sneaker brand Komrads was launched in 2013, and started producing sustainable sneakers two years later. Komrads founders and couple Greet and Mark Vandevelde, who call themselves “two sneaker addicts and world lovers”, say that their four children and their future is the main inspiration behind Komrads sustainable direction and their own advocacy on environmental awareness.

Greet and Mark Vandevelde said: “The more we became aware of the production process the more questions we had about the Fashion industry. So, we started wondering: how polluting is the fashion industry, What about the Rana Plaza disaster and the numerous sweatshops. And what about all these youngsters going on strike for a better world! And so, this was the starting point of our dream.

“A dream to produce a fashionable sneaker that did not cause harm to our planet. A Sneaker where did not have to harvest natural commodities. A sneaker build entirely from re-used and recycled materials, A dream to be part of the circular economy. A dream to design a the most sustainable and ecological sneaker. A sneaker that is a part of the solution.”

Komrads APL are currently available to pre-order via Indiegogo and are expected to be released in January 2020.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyles including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at Rosamedea.com

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