Maternity fashion brand Isabella Oliver launches maternity wear rental service in efforts to “go greener”

Isabella Oliver, the premium maternity brand, has launched a maternity rental service in the UK as part of its commitment to “go greener”.

The initiative, which plans to radically change the maternity sector, aims to cater to a “growing number of pregnant women who want to purchase just a few key items and rent the rest”.

The idea of renting maternity wear is to encourage customers to “go greener and eliminate the effects of fast fashion,” explains the brand, as maternity wear has such a short lifespan given that maternity clothing is worn on average from 16 weeks into the pregnancy until five weeks after giving birth.

Geoff van Sonsbeeck, co-founder and CEO of Isabella Oliver, said: “We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of clothing. Rental is just one of the ways in which we are developing a circular textile economy, eliminating the need for fast fashion and therefore reducing garments going to landfill.

“We want our customers to rethink the way they shop, by renting clothes and reducing waste, making rental the right choice.”

The initiative is part of a series of measures being introduced by the British brand to become more sustainable. These include Recommerce, which seeks to prolong the lifecycle of pre-owned garments, and a pre-loved clothing donation scheme.

The rental programme is currently available in the UK only.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyles including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at

Isabella Oliver Maternity Sale

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