Modular homes in Örebro, Sweden built with solar panels and passive house principles are some of the most energy-efficient

A set of modular homes in Örebro, Sweden providing affordable housing for families have been built with solar panels and passive house principles at its core, making it some of the most energy efficient new builds.

Designed by Stockholm-based architecture studio, Street Monkey Architects, the homes are almost completely powered by rooftop solar panels, while on-site batteries store unused energy that can be sold back to the grid. Additionally, the buildings’ energy consumption is measured on an ongoing basis to adjust for power needs.

The 10 homes, which form an L-shaped development on a large corner lot in Örebro, Sweden, are each composed of six factory-built modules that arrived on-site with finished interiors including walls, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Once erected, the facades were connected together to smooth over transitional moments between the homes. Four houses face east-west, while six have a north-south orientation – and all of the roofs are topped with solar panels angled towards the south, in the direction of the sun.

The facades of each of the two-storey homes were made with a combination of wood, steel, and plaster. In the Örebro project, east-west facades were clad in white plaster and north-south facades were clad in steel or steel with wood lattice.

Designed to be open and airy, the interiors of each 1,600-square-foot structure features a ground-floor kitchen which opens to the dining room and through to the living room. There, two sets of glass doors provide access to a terrace, expanding available living space. Steel stairs suspended by vertical wires allow light to filter to the ground floor. The upper level holds three bedrooms, a family room, and a large bathroom.

The energy-efficient housing development in Örebro follows on from the success of a similar project in Upplands Väsby in Sweden, where Street Monkey Architects designed seven solar-powered rowhouses, built in 2015 with south-facing roof and the maximum number of solar panels allowed by the municipality.

Street Monkey Architects, who are dedicated to designing “stimulating, social and ecologically-balanced habitats”, won a sustainability award from the Upplands Väsby municipality for its “zero-energy” homes.

Images Credit: Mattias Hamrén Photography

Street Monkey Architects

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