Marimekko unveil prototype collection made from wood pulp-based fabric

Marimekko, the Finnish lifestyle design company renowned for its original prints and colours, has created its first ever collection of printed clothes made from wood-based fabric.

The first prototypes made from the wood-based fibre form part of a broader collection expected to be available to customers by 2022.

The wood pulp-based fabric, which is said to look and feel like Marimekko’s traditional cotton fabrics, requires 99% less water than cotton production. Once the fabric has reached the end of its life, any Marimekko product from its wood-based collection can be entirely recycled or composted.

Marimekko’s prototypes are the result of a collaboration with the Finnish fibre technology company, Spinnova, to develop a fully sustainable wood pulp-based fabric. The collaboration which began in 2017 assures that wood-based fibre contains no harmful chemicals.

With Spinnova’s technology, wood pulp can be spun into textile fibre without regenerating, dissolving or harmful chemicals. The method is considerably less of a strain on the environment than viscose or cotton production, for example.

The Marimekko prototype outfits featuring the iconic Unikko (poppy) print and the company’s signature stripes demonstrate the great potential of the fibre innovation for a more sustainable future of the textile industry.

Among the wood-based fabric prototypes is a denim-like jacket and bag sporting the monochromatic Unikko print as well as a striped jersey shirt, all in primary colours of blue and red. Playing with these classics, Marimekko’s ready-to-wear designer Riikka Buri gave the demo products a modern twist with oversized proportions and fresh colour combinations.

Both the woven and the jersey fabric used in these products were made of the Spinnova fibre, combined with cotton and/or lyocell. The outfits were designed, printed and manufactured by Marimekko at the Marimekko House in Helsinki, Finland.

Minna Kemell-Kutvonen, Design and Product Development Director of Prints and Home Products at Marimekko, said: “Sustainability starts with design. At Marimekko, we believe that timeless and long-lasting design that brings joy to our customers for many years is also a sustainable choice. The work to maximise a product’s life cycle and make it as sustainable as possible begins on the designer’s drawing board and material choices play an important role in this.

“The Marimekko textile printing factory in Helsinki, which serves not only as our production facility but also very much as our creative hub, offers us unique opportunities to actively participate in research and development projects taking the textile industry towards a more sustainable future.

“Together with Spinnova we have been able to take major steps in developing new sustainable materials from wood-based fibres, and we are proud to present the Marimekko prototype outfits made of these transformational sustainable fabrics and featuring our distinctive, bold patterns.”


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyles including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at


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