Travel app App In The Air plants one tree for every flight booked to mitigate impact of climate change

Travel app App in the Air has partnered with the nonprofit One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every flight that’s booked through the app, In an effort to mitigate the impact of flying on climate change.

Flying produces the most greenhouse gases out of any form of travel, but App in the Air wants to reduce the carbon footprint by getting on a plane by pledging to plant trees and providing travellers with a carbon calculator so they can see the impact of their flight.

The app launched its partnership with One Tree Planted – a nonprofit that allows people to plant trees all over the world including North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia – last December, with one tree planted for every flight that’s booked through the app. 

To date, around 10,000 trees have been planted since this new feature rolled out. Whether or not people choose to plant a tree when they book through the app, App In the Air will plant a tree regardless. 

Diana Chaplin, Canopy Director of One Tree Planted, said: “Even eco-conscious people need to travel sometimes! It’s great to know that App In The Air makes it simple for travelers to plant a tree and have a positive environmental impact for nature, people and biodiversity.”

App In The Air has integrated a carbon-offsetting widget within the app, which can give travellers an estimate on how their traveling can affect their carbon footprint based on a “carbon calculator”. Travellers that offset their carbon footprint the most receive a Carbon Neutral Traveler badge. 

While App In The Air is a travel app for frequent flyers, the company wants to help ease the conscious of those frequent flyers who worry about the environmental impact.

Bayram Annakov, App In The Air CEO and founder, said” “This is most definitely not about flight shaming but as frequent flyers, our community of course recognises the environmental impact of aviation; so, we’re creating accessible tools to help flyers address long-term carbon reduction.”

App In The Air

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