Thylacine: First indigenous Australian superhero is the latest recruit to DC Comics’ Suicide Squad

The first Indigenous Australian superhero – a Ngarluma woman from the Pilbara known as Thylacine – is the latest character to become part of the DC Comics’ universe.

Thylacine, a deadly Ngarluma hunter from the Pilbara, appears as the newest recruit to DC’s super-villain team, Suicide Squad. The Aboriginal superhero boasts night vision, heightened senses, lethal combat skills, Batman-like stealth, and a steely suffer-no-fools gaze.

Created by Melbourne-based comic book writer Tom Taylor and artist Bruno Redondo, Thylacine is the first Indigenous Australian character in Suicide Squad’s 33-year history. The Aboroginal hunter is one of 10 new characters – who are culturally, sexually and gender diverse – to be introduced into the comic book series.

Indigenous characters have appeared in comics before, including Marvel’s Manifold and Gateway. For his depiction of an indigenous superhero, Tom Taylor – whose comic writing credits include InjusticeDCeasedAll-New Wolverine and Star Wars – sought out consultants including Ryan Griffen, the creator of ABC’s Indigenous superhero series Cleverman, and actor and writer Shari Sebbens, who he met in writing rooms.

In an interview with ABC, Tom Taylor said: “So often [with diverse characters] they’re the ones that get shunted, but these are superheroes we’re talking about — they have a responsibility to be heroes for everybody.

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