Project Ö: Couple design and build self-sustaining summer cabins on a 5-acre island in Finland

Two designers, who purchased a 5-acre Finnish island on the edge of the largest and the least exploited archipelago in the world, are creating a self-sufficient way of life.

Known as Project Ö, the island on the very edge of Finland’s Archipelago National Park has been designed and built from scratch by designers and couple Aleksi Hautamaki and Milla Selkimaki.

The couple, who bought the island in 2017 after a five year search for the “perfect little island”, have created a 70m² two-cabin compound, which can sleep 10 people. The designers have also added a sauna and workshop to the island.

The buildings pay tribute to the traditional Finnish archipelago aesthetics with cabled roof, long eaves, extended gutters and vertical cladding. The shape of the cabins are long and narrow, which allows for large window surfaces with varying views, as well as possibilities for very different types of functions at the opposite ends of the building.

The island’s summer cabins have been designed with sustainability in mind. Aleksi Hautamaki and Milla Selkimaki said: “Our island is totally self-sufficient, as it uses solar power for energy and filtered sea water for drinking. The houses have running water, flush toilet, heating, cooling, and a modern kitchen. Hot running water is produced with a sauna stove and the same system provides heating to the floors.”

Finland’s Archipelago National Park is one of the most species-rich regions in Finland. The archipelago scene varies from larger islands dotted with rustic pastures and vibrant villages, to wild and windswept rocky islets.

Prior to the couple purchasing the island, Project Ö was completely untouched and intact, and there had never been any habitation.

Image Credit: © Marc Goodwin/Archmospheres

Project Ö

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