Shell on Earth: Food industry by-product whelk shells recycled for use in gardens and landscaping

If you are looking to add a little something to the soil of your house plants or outdoor plants to help with drainage in your house plants or outdoor plants, to help with drainage, check out Shell on Earth’s whelk shells, a by-product from the food industry.

The West Wales-based family run business takes the crushed whelk shells generated at its seafood processing factory and recycles them for use in gardens and landscaping.

Shell on Earth’s crushed whelk shells can be used for plant pot and terrarium dressing, garden borders and beds, drainage layer to aid runoff, urface mulch to retain moisture, and as a natural, gentle weed and pest control. The shells are also used as an alternative to quarried grit or gravel for garden borders and beds, paths and driveways.

It’s estimated that 5000 tonnes of waste shells are generated in the UK fishing industry every year. Husband and wife team Jordan and Caryl Andrews set up Shell on Earth last year to not only reduce the waste output from their factory, which has been in the family in Cardigan Bay for over 40 years, but also to help support a circular economy by utilising 100% of the whelks they process.

Shell on Earth’s whelks are caught locally and sustainably using traditional pots, a low impact method of fishing which means minimal damage to the sea floor and marine habitats. Once cooked, the meat and shells are separated. The shells are crushed and cleaned a further three times, before taken to a drying room to remove any moisture.

Shell on Earth

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