French artist Saype unveils new grass graffiti in Swiss Alps to symbolise the “building of a world with more solidarity”

French artist Saype, known for his biodegradable paintings, has taken to the Swiss Alps to create a painting to symbolise “the building of a world with more solidarity”.

Guillaume Legros, better known as French artist Saype, latest work is entitled Beyond Crisis and shows a girl looking out towards the horizon with a chain of stick figures holding hands.

The artwork was created on a clearing near the resort town of Leysin, in western Switzerland, using an eco-friendly spray paint derived from coal and chalk.

Made by the artist and his team, the paint is 100% biodegradable and made from natural materials. In his approach, the artist wants to minimise its impact on the soil. The fresco fades to the rhythm of the regrowth of the grass before disappearing completely and naturally.

The artist has painted his temporary, biodegradable images on lawns from Yamoussoukro in Ivory Coast to the Champ de Mars next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, often depicting children or a close-up of two people’s hands gripping each other’s forearms. His artworks are also often symbolic of resilience and ecology.

In a statement, Saype said: “The fresco of more than 3,000 square metres evokes the building of a world with more solidarity and more humanity.”

Image Credit: Valentin Flauraud/Saype


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