Mexican street artist Curiot highlights the important lessons of folklore in colourful murals

Mexican street artist Favio Martinez, aka Curiot, is bringing symbols and legends of Mexican folklore, mystical and mythical creatures to light to illustrate the important lessons of myths.

From Aztec prints to sugar skulls, the artist creates vibrant mythical beasts blending human and animal forms while alluding to a number of Mexican traditions including tribal art, the Day of the Dead, and various geometric designs.

The artist said: “These creatures began as simple strange animals and slowly became more complicated and a bit abstract. I usually begin by sketching out the position I would like them to be in. From there, I start designing the mask using basic geometric shapes and then everything else falls into place after that.”

The Mexico born artist, who grew up in California, moved back to Mexico in his 20s spurred on by a desire to explore Mexican folklore and art, which feature heavily in his colourful murals. In more recent years his work has focused on the relationship between man and nature, serving to remind and forewarn that being one with nature is and will always be of essential importance.

Curiot’s 2012 mural, entitled Pasaje de Gorathma (The Story of Gorathma), at the Centro Cultural Border in Mexico City depicts Gorathma as a spirit of nature and life in animal form who’s being conquered by needy people, who exchange their innocence for power.

The artist, whose personal philosophy is that curiosity brings knowledge and inspiration, believes that the more man distances himself from nature, the less enjoyable his life is becoming, which serves as a warning to anyone who takes environment sustainability for granted. “When people are focusing on work, but not on creativity, instead they focus on moneymaking, they are losing the sense of self,” he said in an artist’s statement. “Ego driven society populates dystopia, not the sustainable world we should live in.”

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at

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