Path of the Parks: New trail will connect all 25 of Italy’s national parks

Italy has announced a new hiking trail, Sentiero dei Parchi [Path of the Parks], which will connect all 25 national parks in the country.

The new trail will unite all the Italian national parks in a single path, from the Alps through the Apennines to the isles of Sicily and Sardinia. It will include protected areas, biosphere reserves and Unesco natural sites.

The Path of the Parks will coexist with the current Italy Path which at 7000 km long, connects all Italian regions along the Apennine ridge and the Alpine arc, from Santa Teresa Gallura, in northern Sardinia, to Muggia, in the province of Trieste. 

Italy Path, which is managed by the Italian Alpine Club, embraces the whole country through the mountains and runs through 18 of the 25 national parks.

The Path of the Parks trail was announced on the European Day of Parks by Italy’s Ministry for the Environment and the Italian Alpine Club.

The aim of the project is to relaunch protected areas as places of conservation and nature management, which allow residents to create sustainable economic chains.

Travellers along the Path of the Parks will be rewarded with a “passport”, a symbolic recognition for hikers who cross the territory of each park and who have managed to complete it by stopping in all 25 national parks.

Announcing the single trail, Italy’s Minister of the Environment Sergio Costa said: “National parks are a treasure trove of nature: we must guarantee their conservation, but also their usability.

“The attention paid with the budget law for the maintenance and strengthening of trail networks in protected areas together with this agreement with the CAI [Italian Alpine Club] are important signs of how much we care about our invaluable heritage of biodiversity and its enhancement in terms of sustainable tourism, especially in this post-Covid recovery period in which we all feel the need to be more outdoors.”

Italian Alpine Club

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