Zero Real Estate: The no-wall, no-ceiling hotel located in the wilds of the Swiss Alps

An overnight stay in nature, within the beautiful setting of the Swiss Alps, with the simple luxury of a double bed and no tent in sight has been realised by conceptual artists and brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin. 

The artists are bringing their no-wall, no-ceiling hotel concept to multiple locations in eastern Switzerland this summer as part of their Zero Real Estate project.

The open-air concept features beds that are arranged on outdoor slopes without the confines of hotel walls, opening up to the depths of Mother Nature.

There are seven “rooms” to choose from, each located in a different Swiss region including Toggenburg, Heidiland, St. Gallen-Bodensee, Appenzellerland, Thurgau, Schaffhauserland, and Liechtenstein. The pop-up suites will be available from next month.

The suites are furnished on a wooden platform with a comfortable double bed, flanked by bedside tables with bedside lamps. A small table and two chairs can be placed on the platform. Towels, slippers, power banks for smartphones (without charging cable), flashlights, insect screens, extra blankets and umbrellas complete the equipment.

The hotel is managed by local residents and has a group of “modern butlers” who welcome guests and delivery trays of food and drink. An overnight stay costs €277 per night. There is no bathroom or shower, however. 

The Zero Real Estate brand enables local tourism destinations to create their own interpretation of a property-free hotel room. 

Frank and Patrik Riklin said: “It is exciting for us to see how the people of a region embody the“ zero star ”spirit,” say Frank and Patrik Riklin.

Zero Real Estate is a spin-off of the pair’s 2016 project Null Stern Hotel [Zero Star Hotel].

Zero Real Estate

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