World Rainforest Day aims to raise awareness and encourage action to protect the world’s rainforests

Today is World Rainforest Day. The annual event, which was first launched in 2017 by Rainforest Partnership, aims to raise awareness and encourage action to protect the world’s rainforests.

Rainforest Partnership and partner organisations are today hosting online film screenings, virtual tours, panel discussions, guided meditations, and much more in celebration of rainforests.

This year, World Rainforest Day partners will also be streaming pre-recorded video content about the rainforests, the challenges they face, and the innovative ways that people and organisations are responding. This scheduled stream of content will be shown multiple times during the day on World Rainforest Day’s website and partners’ websites.

Rainforests are vital for the survival of life on Earth. Not only do they provide us with the freshwater we drink, but they absorb carbon dioxide, stabilise climate patterns, and provide a home to half the world’s plant and animal species.

Over the last 40 years, deforestation has stripped an area equivalent to the size of Europe, or 1 billion hectares, from tropical rainforests.

Recent studies by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimate that tropical deforestation and land use change contribute roughly 20% of global carbon emissions. Restoring forests could reverse total global emissions by a third

World Rainforest Day events include a live panel discussion hosted by the Smithsonian Institute’s Earth Optimism; a full week of virtual talks, music, and art with indigenous and world leaders by If Not Us Then Who; live Q+A sessions with rainforest experts at Amigos de Kian Ka’an; a documentary screening of “Bird of Prey” by Community Conservation; and webinars on restoring the rainforests in Indonesia by Health in Harmony.

World Rainforest Day

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