Nowhere: Pop-up restaurant in nature reserve helping diners connect with nature and observe social distancing

A new pop-up restaurant in the midst of a nature reserve outside Stockholm in Sweden is set to open in August.

The pop-up restaurant called Nowhere, is located in the Häringe-Hammersta Nature Reserve.

Uniquely designed, six small tables are scattered around in nature and set apart from each other – in the middle of the forest, in the fields and on a raft by the water – free from contact with other guests and in almost complete isolation.

The nature-based dining experience is a collaborative project by Oddbird, the non-alcoholic wine house, and chefs behind the restaurant Garba in Stockholm, Linn Söderström and Marion Ringborg.

All six places at Nowhere, which are already fully booked, are individually designed by the Danish interior design duo The Norrmans using recycled furniture and materials. The menu is created by Garba chefs, Linn Söderström and Marion Ringborg, while Oddbird’s traditionally crafted alcohol-free wines are served with the meal.

Mehmet Gürbüzer at Oddbird said: “Over time, we have become experts at fleeing, both mentally and physically, but on account of the corona crisis, we were grounded and forced to a halt. Instead of travelling abroad, we now find ourselves out in the nature and discovering magical places we had not previously regarded as destinations. It is not really the place in itself that we want to get to with Nowhere, rather a state of mind.”

Häringe-Hammersta Nature Reserve is one of the areas of Södertörn richest in plant life. Set on a scenic coastal peninsula, the nature reserve boasts gigantic oak trees, beautiful bays, white-tailed eagles, owls, bat species and wild ivy. It is also home to an old castle, Häringe Slott, offering accommodation and restaurant.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at

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