Microcosm of the Macrocosm: 7 Planet-Focused Stories from Around the World

Here’s a roundup of some of the stories that have captured Life & Soul Magazine’s attention this week:

1. A tiny remote island in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides is looking for new residents – The Isle of Rum – a tiny island with a population of between 30 to 40 adults and children – is seeking applicants to affordably rent four new two-bedroom eco-homes, which are currently under construction on the edge of the village of Kinloch, Lonely Planet writes.

2. A Home Restored – In Malaysian Borneo, a newly restored native forest is providing food and shelter for critically endangered orangutans, according to WWF.

3. After 250 Years, Big Sur Land Finally Returned To Native American Tribe – As part of a $4.5 million land deal, the ancestral homeland of the Esselen Tribe has been returned to its people after being landless for a quarter of a millennium. “We are back after a 250-year absence – because in 1770 our people were taken to the missions,” Tom Little Bear Nason, chairman of the Esselen Tribe of Monterey County, told the Monterey County Weekly. “Now we are back home. We plan on keeping this land forever.”

4. Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards 2020 winners revealed – The Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards 2020 recognise the strides that are being made in reducing the industry’s environmental impact and creating fairer working conditions across the supply chain. They range from awards for brands and retailers of the year, through to Best Supply Chain Initiative and Best Use of Technology for Good.

5. Greta Thunberg: World must ‘tear up’ old contracts, build new systems to save climate – Swedish activist Greta Thunberg said the world needed an economic overhaul to have a chance of beating climate change and that countries should be prepared to tear up old deals and contracts to meet green targets, Reuters reports.

6. France to launch ‘railway highways’ in push for greener economy – France’s prime minister has vowed to develop “railway highways” to carry food and other goods that now go by truck, part of a government push to reduce the country’s carbon footprint, Insider writes.

7. Goin’ surfin’ sustainably – French startup utilises high-performing BASF filament to develop 3D-printed, eco-friendly surfboards, according to BASF.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. 

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