Kugali: Comic books by African creators “pay homage to the past, embrace the present and imagine the future”

Kugali is providing readers worldwide with a taste of African storytelling – from mythology through to urban fantasy – by giving it the comic book treatment.

The London-based entertainment company specialises in telling stories inspired by African culture through comic books, art and augmented reality.

Kugali showcases artists and writers from across Africa and brings their work to a worldwise audience. The stories explore a diverse array of themes including magick, myths, sisterhood, supernatural creatures, child trafficking, and the battle against good and evil – told by native Africans.

Kugali was set up in 2016 by three friends from Nigeria and Uganda who grew tired of “non-Africans telling African stories”. Last year, Kugali published its first anthology, The Kugali Anthology, with six stories – showcasing the work of 15 creators from across the continent of Africa – which pay “homage to the past, embrace the present and imagine the future”.

While the anthology’s tales are unique to Africa, largely inspired by its folklores and myths, the graphic novels are for everyone. As Ziki Nelson, Co-founder of Kugali, notes: “Kugali is not just for African people,” he told Design Indaba. “Our priority is telling good stories and that means anyone should be able to pick up one of our books and connect with them.

“After all, despite growing up in Nigeria, I grew up reading American comics and Japanese manga. These stories have always been an endless source of joy and inspiration to me. There’s no reason why Kugali can’t provide that same experience for comic book readers across the world.”

Kugali is currently offering some of its collection of comics to read online for free.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at Rosamedea.com

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