Anpetu Wi: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe developing a wind farm to provide clean energy for generations

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is developing a wind farm, the first of its kind on an Indian reservation in North Dakota.

The 235-megawatt wind farm will support the Tribe’s essential needs such as schools, roads, health care and housing development on a reservation that straddles North and South Dakota.

About 60 turbines are slated to dot the Porcupine Hills, between Fort Yates and Porcupine in Sioux County.

The wind farm would be named “Anpetu Wi”, which in Lakota means “the breaking of the new day.”

SAGE Development Authority, the first public power authority owned by a single Native Nation in the United States, is charged with leading Standing Rock’s efforts to develop renewable energy resources for economic development. 

Fawn Wasin Zi, SAGE Board Chair, said: “Developing renewable energy resources — for export as well as local consumption — will foster badly needed economic development on the reservation and provide employment and skills training.”

SAGE, which is governed by a women-led Board of Directors, was created by and for the 8,000-member Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North and South Dakota. The company controls and operates the energy production assets within the reservation, facilitates agreements with third-party entities, and holds Standing Rock’s equity interest. 

The total cost of the 235-megawatt wind farm project is projected to total $325 million. Nearly $2 million has already been raised to date from nine different philanthropic foundations for pre-development work to begin.

SAGE recently launched a crowdfunding initiative which aims to raise $1.5 million for its phase one goal to build Anpetu Wi.

Anpetu Wi

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