Millions of young people in the UK call for more lessons on climate change and sustainability in schools

Young people in the UK are calling for more education on climate change and sustainability in schools, according to a new survey which found more than 2.5 million 7-17 year-olds backing the move.
The research, commissioned by Zurich Insurance, finds over one third (32%) of 7-17 year olds want climate change and sustainability topics to be covered at school.

The poll also found nearly a quarter (24%) of 7-17 year-olds think young voices are not currently being listened to in the climate change debate, with a high number showing support for initiatives to reduce carbon emissions.

Around half of the young people surveyed support a ban or limit on non-recyclable plastics, while 24% want businesses taxed according to their carbon emissions. Over one fifth (21%) also said they would support a fast fashion tax to raise funds to recycle, old and unwanted clothes. 

The survey comes ahead of Zurich Insurance’s Youth Against Carbon Conference (YAC Con), the UK’s first carbon-neutral eco-summit for young people, to be held next month.

YAC Con will feature an all youth panel who will debate a range of topics, from lessons to be taken from Covid-19 lockdown measures to issues including fast fashion, food consumption, plastic usage, eco travel and transport pollution. 

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. 


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