Imagine for 1 Minute short movie calls on people to visualise the changes they want to see in the world

Viewers are being asked to let their imagination run wild and to picture the future they want, in a new short film voiced by Pope Francis, Greta Thunberg, Indigenous leaders Hindou Ibrahim and Benki Piyako, and Amma.

The short film, Imagine for 1 Minute, was conceived by filmmakers the McGloughlin brothers during lockdown, and totally crowdsourced.

Imagine for 1 Minute was made from voice notes sent in from a variety of environmental guardians, and the pictures are made from thousands of donated images sent in from citizens on every continent.

In a statement, the McGloughlin brothers said: “Research has found we rarely take the time to imagine what a better future could be like. So we thought we’d make a film that helps these conversations begin. This film asks anyone, from world leaders school children, to visualise what needs to change and then to talk about it.

“We’ve made this one minute film so it can speak to a single individual or an entire government. We hope it will help individuals think about the future they want, meetings get off to good starts and motivate people to share their hopes for the future, and start to make that future happen. We want it to be a catalyst for a better world.”

The film highlights that anyone and everyone can take action to heal the planet, whether by taking part in ecosystem rehabilitation projects, joining climate protests, calling on legislators to pass climate action bills, or raising awareness throughout their communities.

Imagine for 1 Minute is available in 10 languages including Bahasa Indonesian, Bengali, Arabic, French, Spanish and Portugese as well as English.

Imagine for 1 Minute

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyles including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at

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