Atlas of Scotland: New project sees artist Andrew Barr map Scottish history and culture “in a whole new light”

A new Scottish Atlas – the first of its kind in over 100 years – retell the story of Scotland’s history and culture, revealing one of the world’s oldest nations “in a whole new light”.

Edinburgh-based artist and writer Andrew Redmond Barr has launched a new project to create the Atlas of Scotland, a hardback book combining text with illustrated maps. It will shed new light on Scotland’s size and resources, its cultural and political history, as well as its long standing as one of the ancient kingdoms of Europe and the richness of its international connections.

Using traditional techniques of map-making in pen and ink, The Atlas of Scotland aims to make Scotland’s history and culture more accessible and more widely understood.

The Atlas of Scotland will also explore geology, mountains and rivers; Scottish history, local history of towns and cities, as well as Scotland’s international connections.

Andrew Redmond Barr said: “Today modern technology may have replaced traditional paper atlases, but I believe there is still something valuable about being able to see a whole vision of a country, laid out and illuminated on paper.

“Atlases throughout history have been a snapshot of the times and circumstances in which they are made, and the dreams and visions of the nations that make them. This Atlas [Atlas of Scotland]is meant as a rediscovery, an illumination of a country that is simultaneously growing in confidence and self-belief.”

The Atlas of Scotland crowdfunder was launched in September and reached its £12,000 target within just 4 days, attracting support from all over the world.

Atlas of Scotland

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