Residents of Northern Ireland seaside town to trial scheme which rewards points for recycling

A recycling app, launched in Northern Ireland, will reward points to residents which can be redeemed as vouchers for use in store or donated to charity.

Reward4Waste will be trialled across 2,000 households for an eight-week period exclusively in the seaside town of Whitehead.

The trial will cover items packed in single use packaging, purchased at Spar on Edward Road, Whitehead, including plastic drinks bottles, cans, plastic milk bottles and glass wine bottles. Each participating item will have a unique sticker which residents simply scan into the Reward4Waste app at point of recycling to get their reward points.

Residents will be rewarded 10 or 20 points every time they recycle a participating item, with 100 points being worth £1.

Consumers can use a smartphone to scan the coded products and the participating bin they are returning the bottle to, which will also have a unique code.

They will be able to use their household recycling bins and a small number of public bins in the town.

There is no price premium being added to the products, which are being marked with a temporary QR code during the Whitehead trial.

The collected points can be redeemed as vouchers to be used at the participating Spar store or donated to a choice of three charities – Hope House, Whitehead Primary School PTA or Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful.

Bryson Recycling has teamed up with CryptoCycle, founders of Reward4Waste, and Mid and East Antrim Borough Council to help find a simple and effective way for people to return single use packaging ahead of new recycling laws to bring in a deposit return scheme.

Launching the scheme, Whitehead Deputy Mayor, Councillor Andrew Wilson, said: “We really appreciate how well the residents of Mid and East Antrim are recycling already – and this new app will reward them for doing so.

“By ensuring the different materials are recycled across the borough, we can recycle even more, save money and help the environment.

“These simple changes may not seem like a lot individually but if everyone made a small change and became more aware, we could collectively make a massive difference.”

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at

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