Monsieur Plant: French artist uses plant life, trees, everyday objects and humour to remind us of our connection to nature

Urban gardener Christophe Guinet, aka Monsieur Plant, brings everyday products into contact with plant life and trees in his artworks – showing that we are always connected with nature, and reminding us of the playfulness and creativity that nature brings out in us.

The Marseilles-based artist’s botanical artworks and installations are often humourous as they are beautiful and inspiring. Some of Monsieur Plant’s most recent works include Stay Calm, Stay Home which sees the artist wearing a pair of sneakers that are covered in bark and attached to two huge logs with the Nike symbol etched on them.

Last year’s Sneakerium used old trainers and transformed them into aquatic-plants housed in aquariums. And in the gardens of Annecy in France, the artist created an installation known as Tree Hug where castings of arms, modelled by locals, were vegetated and installed around tree trunks.

Monsieur Plant said: “Currently, the ecological awareness is a big debate, the human must change his habits by respecting his environment more. Trees are an invaluable asset that contributes in many ways to balancing the ecosystem in which we live.”

In 2016, Monsieur Plant devised the Plant your Mac project where he took vintage commercial products from Apple, including an iMac and Macintosh classic, emptied out all the hardware and replaced it with living plants to give the non-functioning computers a new life as plant pots.

Monsieur Plant has also explored superheroes and villains in his artworks creating a Darth Vader helmet and Batman suit all made from bark.

All Images: Monsieur Plant

Monsieur Plant

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