The Woodland Trust sets out to plant 5o million trees in the UK by 2025

The Woodland Trust has announced plans to plant 50 million trees in the UK by 2025 in a bid to help tackle climate change.

The conservation charity is calling on people around the country to slip on their gardening gloves and plant trees as part of their Big Climate Fightback this November. There are plenty of ways to get involved whether you want to plant a tree in your garden, local community or school,

While tree planting rates have fallen by 30% due to the impacts of COVID-19, the conservation charity still believes we can collectively make a difference this autumn and help the UK government to achieve net zero carbon by 2050.

Darren Moorcroft, The Woodland Trust’s CEO said: “A year on from many big promises and statements about the need for more trees in order to achieve carbon net zero by 2050, they mainly remain just that, words.

“I outline our commitment to establish 50 million trees by 2025 to achieve our 10 year aim of a tree for everyone in the UK. This would more than double our most successful year ever and state our ambition to plant 10 million trees a year to 2025 and further, 20 per cent of the entire UK yearly target as set out by the government.”

“Our role in tackling the climate crisis won’t rest. Trees are nature’s most powerful weapons in the fight against climate change.

“Together we can achieve remarkable things and I ask people today, please do your bit, join our climate change army, plant a tree in November, use your voice for trees and woods, support our cause and help us to continue our collective Big Climate Fightback.”

The Woodland Trust has also unveiled a new “emergency tree fund” which will support local authorities to plant trees and create woods. They will also be sending more than 600,000 free trees to community groups and schools over the next few weeks.

The Woodland Trust

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