Conservation organisations issue best practice guidelines for tree planting events while social distancing

Conservation organisations have launched Covid-aware tree planting guidance to ensure volunteers won’t miss the winter planting season this year.

If you are taking part in or involved in organising any upcoming winter tree-planting activities within your community, The Tree Council-led coalition of conservation charities have issued best practice guidelines for tree planting events while social distancing.

The guidance provides advice for planning and running events, including how to adjust timings, volunteer numbers and spacing to allow volunteers to socially distance; how to train and support staff to manage volunteers in this new context; use of PPE and planting equipment (gloves, tools, mallets); and how to support and inform volunteers before, during and after the event on the ways in which organisations plan to keep them safe.

Volunteers plant millions of trees each year in the UK, especially during The Tree Council’s annual National Tree Week, which marks the start of the winter tree-planting season. National Tree Week takes place from 28 November to 6 December 2020.

Tree planting has been identified as a vital tool in tackling the dual threats of climate change and declining biodiversity.

In the event that the impact of coronavirus could prevent planting events from taking place with volunteers in the autumn, the guidance seeks to support organisations to carry out events in a way which manages the risk the virus presents to both organisers and volunteers.

Sara Lom, CEO of The Tree Council said: “It has never been more important to plant and care for trees around the country, but events must be managed safely in light of coronavirus. This guidance will allow communities and volunteer organisations to organise tree planting events while managing the wellbeing of themselves and their volunteers, as well as the future health of our planet.”

To read the Best Practice Guide for Tree Planting Events with Social Distancing, click here.

The Tree Council

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