Concrete manufacturers develop eco-friendly alternative to concrete blocks made from recycled wood

French concrete manufacturers Alkern has turned its hands to an environmentally-friendly alternative to concrete blocks made from recycled wood.

Known as Naturbloc Bois, the wood blocks, which function like concrete blocks and are fully weight-bearing, are made of wood aggregates produced from old pallets.

Anticipating regulatory changes and wanting to reduce its environmental impact, the company began on an R&D approach with the aim of offering circular economy based bio-sourced products with a low carbon footprint.

Every year the construction industry generates 40 million metric tonnes of waste, 75% of which, like concrete doesn’t decompose.

The idea for the wood-based block came about when Alkern found itself with large numbers of unused pallets. Alkern’s concrete products are delivered on pallets so Alkern decided to make use of the unused pallets by shredding the pallets and using the pallet waste in the construction of the Naturbloc Bois blocks.

Naturbloc Bois blocks share the same characteristics as concrete blocks in that they are mechanical resistant, fire resistant, mold and mildew resistant, and durable. Half the weight of conventional concrete blocks, they’re much easier to handle and lay, thereby reducing the risk of musculoskeletal problems.

The Naturbloc Bois range includes post blocks, ties, and bases for interior walls for use in the construction of houses, offices, and other buildings.

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