Street artist Bordalo II turns trash into animal sculptures to highlight wastefulness and its impact on the planet

Portuguese street artist Bordalo II is highlighting the extent of wastefulness and the impact it has on the environment through his Trash Animals sculptures.

The Lisbon-based Artur Bordalo creates sculptures from various discarded objects he can find around the city including scrap metal, old tyres, car carcasses, appliances, plastic stuff and aluminium cans.

Artur Bordalo’s installations are focused on questioning the materialistic and consumerist society we live in. They aim to highlight the excessive production and consumption resulting in a continuous production of garbage. Consequently Bordalo II’s sculptures tackle the topics of pollution and the destruction of the planet.

The animals presented in Artur Bordalo’s installations are typically species that are directly affected by this pollution and that could possibly perish to the effects of such waste present in their natural habitat. His creations, which have appeared around the world, include bears, foxes, various species of birds, elephants, felines as well as numerous different sea animals.

Bordalo II says: “The idea is to depict nature itself, in this case, animals, out of materials that are responsible for its destruction.” 

Since 2012, Artur Bordalo has created around 200 animals sculptures using more than 60 tonnes of reused materials.

Image Credits: Bardolo II

Bordalo II

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