Artist Hula freedives to complete artificial reef underwater murals from the ocean floor in Deep Seads series

Hawaiian artist Hula – known for testing his limits in nature’s elements in order to create art with both an environmental message and purpose – has created artificial reefs in hopes of raising awareness for the fight to save Earth’s coral reefs.

Sean Yoro, professionally known as Hula, is well known for his unique murals painted near and in large bodies of water – depicting figures that emerge from the water and blend with the surrounding environment.

For his most recent series, Deep Seads, Hula went to great depths physically, spiritually and mentally. While the initial work of creating the artificial reefs, which help jump start marine growth, began above water, much of Hula’s work was done from the depths of the ocean floor.

To complete the series, Hula had to learn freediving techniques. In order to be able to free-dive for the project without scuba equipment, Hula underwent intense physical and mental training for one year.

The Deep Seads series is composed of three murals – Lumens, Breath and Buried – which combine Hula’s signature expressive figures with elements of the marine environment, such as jellyfish and water bubbles. Created in locations around Hawaii, the Deep Seads series is designed to raise awareness around dying coral reefs.

Hula spent an average of 3-4 days working on each mural, with approximately 10 hours in the water.

The artist began by creating the artificial reef murals from concrete and metal structures. These structures were then placed on the ocean floor, from where at these depths the artist completed the murals using pigment sticks which are eco-friendly and safe for marine ecosystems.

The murals have been left on the ocean floor to one day turn into thriving reef sites filled with homes for thousands different organisms.

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