Amazigh: Short film tells the story of the people of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains while showcasing stunning scenery through outdoor sports

Amazigh is a short film which combines telling the story of the indigenous Amazigh people of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco while showcasing the stunning environment through skiing and mountain biking.

Made in partnership with Bou Naceur Sustainability and the Vertical Wanderer, Amazigh shares the story of rural communities in the Atlas Mountains as they express concern about the changing climate and economic issues that they face. You can watch the film below.

Climate Change has already greatly impacted the Atlas region’s environment, and rural communities are increasingly affected by drought and severe weather events. In order to sustain life in this harsh and unforgiving climate, new sources of employment and careful management of natural resources are imperative.

Through the development of sustainable mountain tourism in the Atlas region, Bon Naceur Sustainability seeks to address many of the region’s most critical environmental and sustainability issues, including adaptation to climate change, overgrazing and land-use practices, desertification and deforestation, water distribution and rights, conservation of endangered resources, preservation of traditional agricultural knowledge, and preservation of the region’s unique cultural heritage. 

Morocco is a country with extraordinary natural diversity, much of which is due to the Atlas Mountains which holds back the Sahara Desert and leaves a fertile area between the snowy peaks and the Atlantic Ocean. Heavy winter snows in these mountains provided the water to build some of history’s greatest civilisations, at one time ruling from Southern France to Timbuktu.

For millennia, the inhabitants of the Atlas Mountains – largely the Amazigh, meaning the Free People – have preserved their unique culture, language, heritage, and environment. 

Told from the perspective of the Amazigh people, Amazigh is a movie for anyone who cares about the environment, loves the outdoors, or who wants to explore wild and remote places around the world.

Bon Naceur Sustainability

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