Forest of Hope: Tourism New Zealand campaign turns “a negative into a positive” by inviting people to plant trees

Tourism New Zealand has partnered with Trees That Count to invite people to plant a tree in the Forest of Hope – a new forest of native trees that will represent hope and regrowth for the new year ahead, and to help tackle climate change.

As the first country to ring in the New Year, New Zealand is hoping to inspire some positivity for 2021 with its Forest of Hope campaign. 

From cancelled weddings and postponed vacation plans to job furloughs and more, Tourism New Zealand wants people from around the globe to share their challenges of 2020 online. For every challenge shared, consumers are invited to put a positive spin on their situation by donating a tree in the Forest of Hope.

This new forest of native trees will represent hope and regrowth for the new year ahead. For the month of December, Tourism New Zealand will be partnering with Trees That Count to build a Forest of Hope for 2021. 

Donated trees will be planted along the Queenstown bike trail, in a reserve that is a world class example of native regeneration and biodiversity restoration – and further north in the Waipoua Forest in Northland, where mighty Tāne Mahuta, New Zealand’s largest kauri tree stands proudly.

Becoming a part of this movement is contributing to an initiative that will make a lasting difference to New Zealand and benefits the climate of the world over, according to Tourism New Zealand.

Pip Casey, regional manager UK & Europe, Tourism New Zealand said: “In New Zealand, the Te Reo Māori values of manaaki and tiaki have become incredibly relevant today. They speak to the importance of having empathy and inspire us to care for people and place. While our borders remain closed to international visitors, we want to extend a little manaaki and encourage a sense of tiaki to those who are in need of some optimism for the New Year.

“With trees as a natural symbol of life and growth, the Forest of Hope is a way for people to say goodbye to this year’s disappointments and plant a seed of hope to look forward to better times ahead in 2021.”

Trees That Count, which was founded in 2016, has a vision to help plant 200 million native trees across New Zealand by creating a community marketplace to connect tree funders to tree planters – like in the Forest of Hope.

People who donate a tree or trees can track their journey online and will receive an email notification once their tree has been planted. To date, 676 trees have been gifted to the Forest of Hope by 186 gifters.

Forest of Hope

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. 

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