DualSun creates 2-in-1 solar panel that generates electricity and hot water simultaneously

French solar panel manufacturers DualSun are taking solar panels to the next level with the creation of an innovative solar panel that generates electricity and hot water simultaneously for homes and buildings.

A regular photovoltaic panel converts 20% of the sun’s energy into electricity while the remaining 80% is lost as heat. DualSun’s hybrid panel captures this heat and transfers it to produce hot water.

With zero risk of overheating and by optimizing rooftop space, the DualSun 2-in-1 solar panel is a technology for all types of buildings and applications: hot water production, pool heating, and space heating by coupling with heat pumps and/or geothermal units.

DualSun’s panels can be recycled up to 95% and has an average lifetime of 30 years.

The Marseilles-based company was recently included in the Solar Impulse Foundation’s Solar Impulse Label awards, which aim to highlight efficient, clean and profitable solutions with a positive impact on environment and quality of life. Solar Impulse intend to include 1000 Solutions in its awards portfolio.

Image Credit: DualSun


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. 

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