Former shopping centre in Nottingham reimagined as greenspace in new city vision

A former shopping centre in the city of Nottingham is being reimagined as a space for nature and people, signalling a new greener future for the city.

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust wants the former Broadmarsh Shopping Centre returned to nature, visioning a natural urban oasis, which would become “Nottingham’s living breathing heartbeat” where people can connect with nature and escape the stresses of modern life without leaving the city.

The charity has worked with Influence Landscape Architects to reimagine the space transformed with wildlife habitats reflecting the site’s history as a wetland alongside the ancient course of the River Leen and long lost gardens. The vision for the site includes accessible walkways based on a centuries old city street plan to reconnect key parts of the city.

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust believes that a statement natural greenspace in the heart of the city would build climate change resilience, improve connectivity for people and provide an attractive backdrop for existing businesses as well as drawing in new investors – and is calling on people living and working in the City to back its vision via a new campaign page.

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust said: “As Nottingham seeks to recover from the human and economic impacts of Covid-19, a Broadmarsh re-imagined as natural greenspace would improve the health of city residents and demonstrate the city’s commitment to tackling the climate and ecological crises.  

“Nottingham has greenspaces to be proud of, not least the magnificent Wollaton Park, but the heart of our city is unmistakably grey not green. Now is the time to put nature back.”

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. 

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