B&Q owners to be “forest positive” by 2025 in an initiative that will see them create more forests than they use

Home improvement company Kingfisher, owners of B&Q in the UK, has announced plans to be “forest positive” by 2025 in an initiative that will see the organisation create more forests than they use.

Kingfisher have teamed up with the Rainforest Alliance, as part of the Rainforest Allies initiative, to support the protection, restoration, and responsible management of tropical forests. Programmes will engage with local forest communities to build strong local economies, whilst also protecting the natural resources they depend upon.

Working with the Rainforest Alliance and alongside other corporate partners, Kingfisher will support the implementation of Integrated Community Forest Management in key tropical sourcing regions, with the aim of maintaining forests, improving biodiversity and the livelihoods of forest communities.

Thierry Garnier, chief executive of Kingfisher, said: “We are one of the largest buyers of wood products in Europe, so we have a significant footprint. Therefore, the partnership we’re announcing today with the Rainforest Alliance presents an opportunity to work with strategic partners to respond to the challenges of deforestation and builds on our heritage of leading the industry in the responsible sourcing of wood.

“I believe this new partnership will help us to make more of a positive difference, not only for the future of wood and paper sourcing, but also the communities and wildlife that rely on forests to live, for generations to come. It also means when customers shop in one of our stores, they can have certainty that not only is the wood they buy responsibly sourced, but they’re buying it from someone committed to protecting and helping to restore the planet’s forests.”

The partnership will also help Kingfisher meet its target to create more forests than it uses and become Forest Positive by 2025. Kingfisher will begin to deliver projects as part of Forest Allies from 2021.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. 

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