Tips for breaking in leather boots

It’s boots season and if you have a pair of leather boots that feel tight, then there are various methods that you can use to help stretch them enough to give you comfort.

Check out these tips to get your boots winter ready:

Wear them indoors – before you go on a trip outdoors with your boots, wear them in indoors for any length of time.

Wear them little and often – Once you’ve broken them in indoors, wear them for short outings so your feet can get used to the contour of the boots.

Use old newspapers – Dampen old newspapers slightly, then scrunch up the pages and insert them into each boot. Do not over-dampen the paper as you do not want to damage the inner soles. Leave overnight or until the scrunched up newspaper is dried.

Use a stretching spray – Leather shoes and boots naturally stretch over time but you can also buy a stretching spray to assist with the process. Most shoe sprays are alcohol-based, which allows for quick-drying and also prevents the shoe from developing watermarks as it dries.

Use shoe or boot stretchers – there are also a number of wooden or metal shoe stretchers available that can help to loosen tough leather and to ensure a little give for soft leather boots.

Use a stretching spray and a large metal spoon
– If you have hard leather boots such as cowboy boots, you can spray your boots with a stretching spray and then use a metal spoon to help soften your boots targeting areas such as the heels and the sides where they may feel tight. You can also use this method with soft leather, but it is advised to be very gentle.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyles including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at

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