Full Circle: Putting walnut shell power in to house cleaning products

Are you looking for a more eco-friendly alternative to clean your pots and pans with? Walnut shells work as a natural abrasive to scrub surfaces without scratching, and so Full Circle have created a line of products made from the material that will assist with your everyday cleaning.

The Full Circle walnut shell range, which includes a scour pad and scrubber sponge, although not entirely plastic-free, are made from walnut shells and recycled plastic.

The New York-based brand, Full Circle, aims to design home items made from sustainable, renewable resources without compromising style or efficacy.

Established in 2009, Full Circle was founded in an effort to transform the way people think about the products they use every day, starting with the overlooked category of cleaning products. It has since grown to include cleaning, composting, storage and cooking products, all sustainable and lasting products that people can feel proud to use and display in their homes.

Full Circle

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. 

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