Book Review: Poppy Goes Wild by Nick Powell (author) and Becca Hall (illustrator)

Poppy Goes Wild tells the story of young Poppy who joins forces with her grandad to return his farmland back to its heyday when local flora and fauna thrived and flourished.

Poppy’s visions for a nature-rich habitat filled with wildflower meadows, wetlands and wildlife including skylarks and hedgehogs are put in to immediate action while staying at her grandad’s farmhouse. The nature guardian in Poppy rekindles her grandad’s love of nature and his desire to see the wildlife and landscapes that he was once familiar with and enjoyed as a child. And so the two swiftly get to work on rewilding the farmland.

Recommended reading for ages 7+, Poppy Goes Wild is an inspirational book which deals with many of the issues that we are currently facing with the environment and the urgent need to restore nature and to encourage people of all ages to take action to ensure that the natural world is replenished.

In addition to showing the importance of nature to everyone’s lives, Poppy Goes Wild also explores themes of partnership and unity – across the generations with Poppy’s relationship with her grandad, as well as in Poppy enlisting the help of her friends and school in cleaning up the river; rewilding – an initiative that has seen an increasing number of projects throughout the UK returning landscapes back to nature; and guardianship – stewards of nature of all ages taking action to protect, nurture and support the environment.

As Poppy’s grandad reminisces of how the landscape once was, Poppy Goes Wild also shows how dramatically the British countryside has changed over the years due to intensive farming and the use of pesticides. Focusing on environmental solutions, Poppy and her grandad do a fantastic job in returning the farmland to its natural best and way in which nature always intended for it to be.

In helping kids and adults alike to reconnect to nature, Poppy Goes Wild also enables kids to become familiar with species that in recent times have become non-visible, including otters. Wonderfully illustrated with a nature-based palette of colours and adorable drawings, Poppy Goes Wild is a must-read book for children and adults alike opening them up to the power of nature, magick, one’s visions and the will and desire to make them happen, and togetherness.

Poppy Goes Wild by Nick Powell (author) and Becca Hall (illustrator), published by Little Steps Publishing, RRP £14.99, is available now from all good book stores

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. She also offers content services to businesses and individuals at

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