IKEA plans to sell spare furniture parts in a move to become a more sustainable business

IKEA is planning to sell spare furniture parts in its stores as a way to prolong the life of its products, signalling a move to become a more sustainable and climate positive business by 2030.

The flat-pack furniture pioneer hopes this new move will make it easier for customers to refurbish, upcycle and reuse items otherwise thrown away. Among the spare furniture parts that the retailer could sell include sofa legs, arm rests, and sofa covers. The parts will be sold in addition to the replacement nuts and bolts, which IKEA currently offers for free.

Lena Pripp-Kovac, chief sustainability officer at Inter IKEA, told the Financial Times: “To prolong the life of products, a key aspect is to have spare parts. So that you can upgrade things such as buy new covers or legs for a sofa… We are testing a lot.”

IKEA’s latest sustainability initiative comes after last year’s launch of the Buy Back initiative, which will see the retailer buy back unwanted IKEA furniture from customers and resell it as second-hand in store. The Swedish retailer also opened a standalone second-hand store in Sweden, in a first of its kind.

IKEA is also avoiding waste and using resources efficiently by launching energy-efficient induction hobs, air-purifiers, energy-saving cellular blinds, and phasing out single-use plastic from its home furnishing range and its restaurants, cafes and bistros.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. 

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