Catios: What they are + inspiration ideas

Catios, patios for cats or outdoor cat enclosures provide an excellent way for your feline crew – whether they are indoor cats or outdoor cats – to get the benefits of being outdoors and experiencing nature but without any harm coming to them from outdoor hazards – such as cars, predators, poisons and pests – and without any harm done to local wildlife.

Catios come in many different forms and sizes for various budgets. You can make your own from scratch using inexpensive bits and pieces, get one custom built or buy one from a store.

Catios can easily be made whether you have an outdoor yard or garden or not. If you live in an apartment or flat and have access to a balcony you can also create a catio for use on the balcony.

A good catio may include a clean litter tray, a cat tree or raised perching stops, a scratching post, and comfortable bedding. If you want the catio to also be a space that you can enjoy with your feline crew, then you may consider outdoor furniture and pet-friendly plants such as boston ferns or parlor palms. The creative ideas are endless. Check out the below videos for inspiration and ideas.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living.

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