Circular tech design studio gomi create wireless magnetic charger from plastic waste deemed “unrecyclable”

Design studio gomi, known for their environmentally-friendly tech products, has released a new wireless magnetic charger made from plastic waste deemed “unrecyclable” by councils in the UK.

The wireless magnetic charger, which charges devices up to three times as fast as regular phone chargers, is made of handmade marbled plastic waste from 100% plastic packaging waste normally deemed non-recyclable by councils in the UK. It also features a polished laser-engraved aluminium plate.

The wireless charger plugs into any USB-C wall plug, and magnetically attaches onto the back of the phone. It’s magnetically compatible with any magsafe enabled devices, and will wirelessly charge any wireless-charging enabled devices including Android phones, iPhones, Airpods, and more.

Co-founder and designer at gomi design, Tom Meades, said “The chargers aim to bring fun playful colours to your work-from-home desk setup, whilst maintaining premium quality in functionality.”

The Brighton-based gomi team employ and collaborate with local creatives, designers and makers to bring to life their sustainable innovations. gomi aims to show “there’s another way to enjoy tech, made sustainably, guilt-free, with no compromise in quality”.

The gomi wireless mag chargers are available to purchase through the gomi website.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living.

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