Miomojo: Italian sustainable label to make all its accessories from recycled materials by 2022

Italian sustainable accessories brand Miomojo has committed to making its products exclusively from recycled materials by 2022.

The Bergamo-based business currently makes its handbags, wallets and other accessories from cruelty-free leather; recycled materials; natural fibres such as bamboo, linen and hemp; and certified synthetic materials. All bags are designed and made in Italy.

Regenerating what’s already available is a “moral imperative”, according to Miomojo. The company already use materials made from recycled glass, recycled plastic, recycled fish nets and innovative materials made from leftovers from the food industry, such as apple, coffee and more to make its collection of classic totes, cross-body bags and backpacks, among others.

Miomojo says: “Miomojo is much more than Italian style. Quite simply, it’s everything we believe in. From running an ethically minded business, to knowing that everything we do has an impact on us, our animal friends and our planet.

“Finding the right materials and being able to leverage them in service of an ambitious vision is fundamental to creating truly beautiful products.

“We recognise that there is still a long way to go, but we are steadfastly committed to this journey of compassion and sustainability.”

Last year, Miomojo launched its premium Prima Linea range of bags made from cactus leather, corn leather and apple leather.

Corn Leather is made from bio-polyols, originating from non-food and GMO-free corn combined with textiles sourced from natural or recycled materials. AppleSkin is an innovative leather alternative with a high content of natural waste, from the skin and core apple waste of the food industry. While cactus vegan leather is made from an innovative, organic and cruelty-free leather alternative made from nopal cactus.

For every online purchase, Miomojo give back 10% directly to animal welfare causes.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. 


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