Women boosting the solar energy transition in Morocco

An initiative in Morocco is establishing energy cooperatives led by women, with the aim of contributing to inclusive and climate-resilient development in the regions, especially rural areas, and to promote gender equality.

The Faredeic (Argan and Rural Women Engaged for Inclusive Economic Development and Climate) initiative aims to develop a local sector of renewable energy through the creation of energy cooperatives led by women, to produce simple and affordable solar solutions such as cookers, dryers, and ovens. 

The vast majority of rural households in the regions of Souss Massa in Southern Morocco, and Tangier-Tetouan in the north of the country, still rely on firewood. Wood and butane gas are traditionally used in rural areas for cooking food. However, the combustion of these materials has a significant impact on people’s health and the environment.

Faredeic – which is a partnership between non-profit WECF, the Association for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development (AERDD), the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Research and Conservation of Argan Trees (FMVIRSA), Gesti-y Disseny (GEDI) and the Moroccan Network for Social and Solidarity Economy (REMESS) – decided to organise trainings on the use of simple, affordable solar solutions such as cookers, dryers and ovens.

The project aims to raise awareness about the advantages of the energy transition and green tech among 600 women, through meetings and workshops. As sustainable alternatives, the solar cookers contribute to the involvement and recognition of women in the energy transition.

The project work contributes to regional climate plans in two regions by producing and marketing locally affordable solar solutions, sources of local green jobs, while improving the living conditions and incomes of rural populations most vulnerable to climate change. At the same time it strengthens women’s rights and priorities regarding climate policies.

To date, Faredeic have trained 40 young woman technicians in Morocco – 20 in Tetouan and 20 in Agadir, who will form two solar energy cooperatives, with the aim of producing locally different types of solar equipment for the transformation of agricultural products, and for daily use by local rural households.

Image Source: WECF

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. 


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