Shine: Portable wind turbine enabling outdoor enthusiasts to recharge devices

A compact and lightweight wind-powered turbine is enabling outdoor enthusiasts to recharge electronic devices using renewable energy while camping.

The Shine turbine provides renewable power day and night, rain, cloud, or shine. Shine’s patent-pending technology instantly converts wind into power to charge a variety of devices or rapidly stores energy in its internal 12,000 mAh battery for later use.

This 40-watt ultra-compact wind charger, designed small enough to fit into a backpack, can power any handheld USB device, including phones, tablets, lights, drones, cameras, GPS, speakers, e-readers, headphones, power banks, and more.

Aurea Technologies, the company behind Shine, has spent the last three years designing, testing and refining the portable wind turbine. 

Aurea’s turbine has the battery capacity for four full phone charges, so it is great for sharing power or keeping multiple devices charged. As well as multi-day camping trips, the product is ideal for car camping, RVing, off-grid living, use during an emergency, and more.

Shine is the first of a series of renewable power products from the Nova Scotia-based Aurea Technologies that aims to provide freedom from the electrical grid.

The Shine turbine and it’s packaging have been made with sustainability in mind. Manufactured in Canada, the Shine team is sourcing the majority of its parts for the Shine turbine locally within North America and up to 85% of its parts are recyclable.

Rachel Carr, Chief Marketing Officer of Aurea Technologies and co-creator of the Shine Turbine, said: “To live sustainably, we need to rethink the ways in which we create and use energy. The simplicity of Shine’s design, two-minute setup, and ability to rapidly generate and store power, does just that. It’s a game-changer in allowing people to access wind energy while away from the electrical grid.”

The Shine turbine launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this month and exceeded its £8713 goal, reaching over £118,000 goal to date.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. 


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