Big Bee Challenge Weekend encouraging everyone to help create a better environment for pollinators

Big Bee Challenge Weekend, which takes place on Saturday 31 July and Sunday 1 August, aims to encourage everyone to do one thing, large or small, to help the bees.

BBC Radio 2’s Big Bee Challenge is a project to raise awareness and encourage listeners to help create a better environment to support bees and other pollinating insects.

Around the UK, bees and other wild insects are in decline – with some in danger of extinction – partly due to reductions in the flower-rich habitats they love. Green spaces are so important to their survival, and whether a garden, small backyard, balcony or window ledge, nowhere is too small to grow the plants and flowers that will entice bees and plant-loving insects to them.

Bees and other pollinating insects help provide much of the food we eat, and are essential for a healthy environment, which is why it’s crucial to support them.

On Big Bee Challenge Weekend, BBC Radio 2 will be encouraging everyone to get involved and do just one thing in their garden, window box or outdoor space that will entice pollinating insects. From planting bee-friendly herbs, flowers or shrubs to providing water for the bees or leaving the lawn unmown, there will be something for everyone to try.

The National Garden Scheme will be opening up bee-friendly gardens up and down the country in support of Big Bee Challenge Weekend, whilst the National Trust will have bee-friendly activities including bee-garden tours and ‘how to build a bug hotel’ events at some of their properties.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Big Bee Challenge Weekend

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. 

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