Selfridges launches pop-up wedding store specialising in secondhand wedding outfits

Selfridges has launched a new pop-up wedding shop, specialising in secondhand wedding wear for brides, grooms and guests.

The pop-up, called Resellfridges: The Wedding, which opened at the retailer’s flagship store on Oxford Street yesterday [2 August 2021] will last for five weeks.

Part of the store’s Project Earth sustainability commitments, Resellfridges: The Wedding caters to brides, grooms and wedding guests looking for one-of-a-kind pre-loved and vintage wedding wedding outfits and accessories.

Breathing new life into pre-loved items, the pop-up wedding shop includes everything needed to complete a wedding wardrobe, from designer dresses, to upcycled menswear suits, to vintage wedding rings and accessories, as well as upcycling services and a rental offering that’s perfect for the entire wedding party.  

Sebastian Manes, Selfridges’ Executive Buying & Merchandising Director, said: “This year more than ever, our customers are being more considered in how they live and shop and weddings are no exception. As we continue exploring circular models through Project Earth, we’re excited to bring a unique experience to Selfridges for brides, grooms and guests looking to celebrate weddings in a more earth-conscious way. From vintage bridal dresses, to upcycled suits, to services that help to reimagine special pieces, Resellfridges: The Wedding is the destination for planet-positive weddings this summer.” 

In the Corner Shop space at Selfridges London as well as online, Resellfridges: The Wedding offers an array of specially curated vintage edits from ReSee, Rokit Vintage and Vout Vintage, alongside a collection from Mon Vintage, featuring iconic pieces from brands such as Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent and Alaïa.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. 


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