Green Street: New online hub for independent retailers aims to help them become more sustainable

A new online hub to help small independent retailers cut their carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly has been launched by the Retail Sector Council.

The online hub, called Green Street, is a guide to helping smaller retailers and hospitality businesses work together to slash their carbon footprint and become more sustainable as quickly as possible.

Currently Green Street offers around 30 practical actions that small retailers can adopt immediately, which are grouped on the hub under six easy-to-remember principles: Save Energy & Switch to Renewables, Minimise Packaging, Reuse & Recycle, Offer Greener Choices, Work Together and Share What You’ve Learned.

Each principal is backed up by sound and practical advice and tips, as well as examples and case studies where other UK retailers have already made the transition.

RSC Co-chair, Richard Pennycook, said: “Retail is a highly competitive industry, and the consumer benefits from great choice and value as a result. But when it comes to creating a more sustainable planet, the Retail Sector Council is clear that we can do great things if we cooperate and share best practice. Green Street is part of that, and will be the go-to place for independent retailers to find great tips on how to run their business more sustainably and appeal to their customers, who are more and more concerned to do the right thing for the planet.”

The Green Street site and guide to planet friendly shopping has been built by retailers for retailers. According to Green Street, their practical actions are “based on real experiences, not academic theories”. 

Green Street

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. 


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