Seed Gathering Season: The Tree Council encourages gathering of seeds ahead of winter tree planting

The Tree Council is encouraging everyone to gather seeds, fruits and nuts ahead of winter tree planting as part of its 21st Seed Gathering Season.

Around the UK, volunteer Tree Wardens and other champions of local trees will be holding events on how to harvest local tree seeds responsibly and sustainably to celebrate Seed Gathering Season, which runs until 22 October.

The Tree Council has produced a Seed Gathering Season Guide which provides information on how to gather, prepare and plant seeds. The downloadable guide is available from its website.

On The Tree Council website, it states: “Going out to gather seeds, fruits and nuts ahead of the winter tree planting season is a great way to help us all grow a greener, tree-filled future.

“Trees and hedgerows do so much for us. They store carbon, reduce pollution, improve our health and more. By gathering seeds (and growing them into trees!), you can help make sure that our treescapes continue to thrive in the future.”

The Tree Council itself does not run events for Seed Gathering Season but advises people to get in touch with local groups in their area to check for seed gathering events.

The Tree Council

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living. 

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