Climate Visuals: New image library offers 100 freely available images to inspire climate action

Climate Outreach has launched a free-to-use image library – Climate Visuals – which showcases climate solutions alongside the global impact of climate change.

The images, 100 in total, are freely available to key groups communicating on climate – namely editorial media, educators, campaigners and non-for-profit groups – to tell impactful and diverse stories of climate change leading up to the UN climate conference (COP26) and beyond.

This collection is the result of Climate Outreach’s open call for photography in partnership with TED Countdown, which attracted 5,500 submissions from photographers in 150 countries from all backgrounds, including indigenous communities. Photographers received $1,000 for each image selected by our independent jury.

Images were selected that communicate positive climate solutions in five key areas, whilst ensuring they are both illustrative and impactful. The collection provides both a platform, voice and now visual tools to people and communities not yet represented in the mainstream climate change narrative.

Toby Smith, Climate Visuals Programme Lead, said: “The images portray diverse climate solutions, new narratives and voices, and impactful photography—all direct from communities around the world. We reached over 5.2 million individuals in our Open Call in June. However, the real impact starts now as the entire collection becomes accessible to climate communicators.”

Climate Visuals’ photographic collection will be showcased at both the TED Countdown Summit in Edinburgh on 12-15 October, and at the UN climate conference (COP26) in Glasgow on 1-12 November.

Image Credit: Raphael Pouget/Climate Visuals Countdown

Climate Visuals

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living

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