Scrapp: Recycling app helps consumers to sort their waste right and earn rewards or pledge to planet-saving projects

Scrapp is an app that is enabling everyone to sort out their waste correctly – eliminating any confusion as to whether an item is recyclable or not – by simply scanning the barcode of the item and rewarding consumers with discounts on sustainable brands.

Scrapp shows consumers the right way to sort their waste. With so many different types of packaging, and rules specific to each local area, recycling is “not always” as straightforward as it should be, according to Scrapp.

By scanning the barcode, the app’s guidance adapts to local recycling rules for any item a consumer wishes to bin. Each time a consumer recycles right, the app tracks how much they’ve saved, while they also earn Scrapp points which can be traded for discounts sustainable brands, or they can choose to pledge them to planet-saving projects.

While the app is said to function best “in the UK for now”, Scrapp are looking to extend its reach.

Scrapp is the brainchild of co-founders Dan Marek, Evan Gwynne Davies and Mikey Pasciuto who met in 2019 in the back of a sustainability class at the University of New Hampshire. Sharing their frustration for contaminated recycling on campus, they set out to fix it. 

Scrapp’s co-founders say: “We found that far too often, people can’t tell the difference between what is and isn’t recyclable. And this isn’t surprising really. With packaging labels saying one thing, local rules saying another and your Mom’s, best friend’s, sister insisting on something else, this inconsistent messaging has led to a lack of faith in the system. One that we want to change. 

“We see Scrapp as becoming the go-to platform for reliable recycling guidance, around the world. The current system is disjointed and confusing, it’s time for change.”

In addition to helping consumers, Scrapp also intends to help organisations roll out more engaging, data-driven recycling programs.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living

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