YOOX and Saltyco’s sustainable collection made from “planet-positive” textile harnessing saltwater

Material science company Saltyco has launched a sustainable capsule collection in collaboration with YOOX.

The capsule collection with YOOX’s private label 8 by YOOX features Saltyco’s innovative BioPuff material, a plant-based fibre fill material, which is created by growing plants using regenerative wetland agriculture.

Saltyco – which was founded in 2020 by four graduates from Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art – makes “planet-positive” textiles from plants that are watered by seawater and grown in dry and salty regions. It aims to create entirely new supply chains in the fashion industry by rethinking all steps in the production of clothing from farming to manufacturing and to preserve freshwaters by using saltwater instead.

The BioPuff material, which resembles down with its cluster structure, is designed to trap heat and ensure insulation like goose down. In addition to being lightweight and water repellent, the biodegradable fibre is easily compostable.

The 8 by YOOX capsule collection includes a unisex Biopuff blue oversize quilted jacket, matching quilted trousers, bucket hat, an oversized padded tote bag, and a shirt.

The collection came about after Saltyco won 2020’s Vogue YOOX Challenge, a collaborative design challenge focused on supporting the new generation of creatives and creating space for more responsible and sustainable approaches to fashion and design.

The challenge’s initiative asked participants to create and highlight innovative concepts regarding materials, manufacturing, design, distribution, and beyond.

The 8 by YOOX powered by Saltyco collection is available now from YOOX.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living

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