TOMO: World’s first circular department store set to open in the Netherlands

TOMO, touted to be the world’s first circular department store chain, is set to open its doors both physical and online in the Netherlands this year.

By keeping stocks low and working closely with suppliers, producing collections on demand, aligning supply and demand and making use of waste streams, TOMO says “In this way we keep the circular circle moving, and we can restore the balance between people and planet without coming to a standstill.”

In addition to fashion for women and men, TOMO will also sell beauty and personal care products, household products, and second-hand high-end vintage. TOMO will also offer fashion rentals and subscriptions, a repairs workshop and a circular restaurant.

TOMO is the brainchild of entrepreneur, Marjan Haselhoff, who wants to provide a sustainable alternative to the current fashion industry. She said: “In my own search for sustainable fashion and lifestyle items I discovered that it takes a lot of effort to find something stylish and sustainable. I missed a place with a wide range, where sustainability is no longer a choice, but simply the new normal. TOMO was born from that need and has become my sustainable mission.

“We [TOMO] have only one mission and that is to make sustainable retail the new normal. That is why we encourage non-sustainable brands to become more sustainable by including a few items that have achieved a far-reaching sustainable ambition. Such as sneakers made from waste, or clothing made entirely from recycled materials. Because that is beautiful for you, but also beautiful for tomorrow.”

TOMO will open its first branch in the Netherlands in September. It hopes to open several stores across the Netherlands.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She writes about lifestyle including sustainable and green living.

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